Fone World Mobile Screen Repair

At Fone World, we provide mobile phone screen repairs within 60 minutes – and can often get your phone screen fixed in under 30 minutes.

We’ll always use the best parts for the job, whether the original parts or newly-made models, and provide you with the customer service that you deserve when you come into our mobile phone repair shop. For the quickest and most effective phone screen repairs, come into the Fone World shop in Headingley today.

Why Choose Fone World?

Unlike some of the other mobile phone repair shops in Leeds, our team will always give your phone the attention that it deserves, using the best quality parts and original parts where possible. When we fix your smashed or damage phone screen, you’re getting the best quality service in Headingley and the wider region, so be sure to check out Fone World before you go anywhere else.

Our experts have been working in Leeds to provide top quality phone screen repairs for years, and we know what we’re doing when it comes to repairing or replacing your screen. Give us a call today to find out more about how we can help you with your damaged screen.


We're proud of our competitive prices.  That's why we have them all listed below so you can compare.


We aim to repair and deliver your device in 30 minutes and guarantee you'll have your phone back within the hour.


We supply and fit original OEM parts as well as the highest quality replacement parts to your device.

How our screen repair service works?

At Fone World we have the expertise and experience to replace screens for your phone or tablet, no matter the brand.  We use the highest quality screens on the market. Fone World make sure to do a full suite of quality checks after any repair. Visit the shop or call us today to book your appointment.

                 iPhone screen repair price list


Apple iPhone 6 £24.99
Apple iPhone 6+ £24.99
Apple iPhone 6s £44.99
Apple iPhone 6s+ £54.99
Apple iPhone 7 £39.99
Apple iPhone 7+ £49.99



Apple iPhone 11 pro  £109.99
Apple iPhone 11 pro max £114.99
Apple iPhone 12  £149.99
Apple iPhone 12 mini  £139.99
Apple iPhone 12 pro £179.99
Apple iPhone 12 pro max. £189.99



Apple iPhone 8 £44.99
Apple iPhone 8+ £49.99

Apple iPhone x


Apple iPhone xs £79.99
Apple iPhone xs max


Apple iPhone 11 £84.99


Samsung screen repair price list
Samsung Galaxy s7 £74.99
Samsung Galaxy s7 edge £104.99
Samsung Galaxy s8 £129.99
Samsung Galaxy s8 Plus £149.99
Samsung Galaxy s9 £129.99


Samsung Galaxy s9 Plus £179.99
Samsung Galaxy s10 £194.99
Samsung Galaxy s10 Plus £214.99
Samsung Galaxy s10E £149.99
Samsung Galaxy s20 £189.99


Samsung Galaxy s20 Plus £234.99
Samsung Galaxy s20 Ultra £269.99
Samsung Galaxy s21 £179.99
Samsung Galaxy s21 Plus £199.99
Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra £289.99


Our other mobile repair services

Not what you’re looking for? Browse our other mobile phone repair services and see how we can help you today. 

Water Damage Repairs

Our specialists are able to repair mobile phones from slight to heavy water damage with our quick and easy service.

Technical Repairs

Our experts are able to fix or replace broken batteries, motherboards and other chips that may have been damaged in an accident.

Case Repairs

Is your mobile phone case damaged from impact, warping, or scratches? Our mobile phone casing repair service can fix any issue.

Want to ask a question?

Our specialist team is happy to answer any questions you may have about Fone World products and our mobile repair services. Don't hesitate to drop us a line and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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